CWAH creates second opportunities for formerly incarcerated women. 

All our products are manufactured at our CWAH Mexico Studio providing remunerated jobs and professional skills to vulnerable women throughout the Employment and Development Program. The program and workshop facilitate the reinsertion into society and the reduction of crime recurrence.

CWAH aims at ending labor exploitation in the fashion industry, raising awareness about the unsafe and unfair working conditions of garment workers. Besides this challenging endeavor we also pursue other social responsibilities such as using textiles landfill waste from fashion brands to make the majority of our products.




To make our  products we use the most ethical resources within reach for any of our collections. 

Giving Back Collection, perhaps our proudest one. These cats are made out of fabrics donated by designer and fashion brands. Our collaborators are socially conscious brands based in London, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico City and all over the world. They are committed to the great cause of ending child exploitation and providing a better future for millions of children in need around the world. Among those long-term supporters are Reformation,                                       Emilio de la Morena, Mara Hoffman and Sandra Weil. By repurposing left over fabrics they also reduce landfill waste.                                                                 This collection is an embodiment of the fashion industry giving back.

 Cats of the World Collection searches for traditional textiles from different countries and fair-trade fabrics supporting artisans’ communities. These cats represent our appreciation for cultural heritage and are a tribute to all craftspeople in the world.

We practice a zero waste policy and reuse all leftover fabrics or threads from our own production as stuffing.      

CWAH t-shirts are made by BSCSMX, a company that works with small cooperatives in Mexico guaranteeing fair wages and working conditions for their laborers and the use of high quality Mexican cotton. Then the t-shirts are hand embroidered at CWAH Mexico Studio







 Cats represent loving yet independent creatures. Our aim is to make children in need feel loved and protected as the basis for their education and development to become independent adults. By creating jobs opportunities for women at risk of social exclusion CWAH supports these women to become self-reliant and confident.  

Each CWAH has a heart inserted during production so you can feel it to the touch and it reminds you that with that purchase you are touching someone's heart too. 




CWAH, a project by Fashion Consultant based in LA Carmen Perez Pineda, launched on June 12th 2014 to commemorate World Day Against Child Labour with the aim of making every day June12th