$ 39.00

A caring friend to spread the love. Part of our Giving Back Collection, this beautiful cat is a cuddly creature that makes a sophisticated and socially conscious gift. Part of the proceeds are donated to organizations fighting child labour to provide rescued children a safe environment and the opportunity of freedom and education. 

Each cat has a heart inserted during production so you can feel it to the touch and it reminds you that with that purchase you are touching someone's heart too. 

Handmade in Los Angeles with left over fabrics by Los Angeles-based brand Reformation. Their eco-friendly and über-flattering dresses can be found in their stores in Los Angeles and New York and worldwide online at Reformation.   
Limited edition

The Giving Back Collection is made out of donated designer fabrics. Our collaborators are socially conscious designers committed to the great cause of ending child exploitation. By repurposing leftover fabrics they also reduce landfill waste. This collection is an embodiment of the fashion industry giving back.

Furthermore this collaboration offers the option of using the smallest pieces of fabric as stuffing thus achieving zero waste during manufacturing.

100% Vicose
Left-over fabric stuffing is compact yet tender to the touch.
Raw Cotton stuffing gives a firm touch.
PolyFiber stuffing gives soft an fluffy touch 

GREEN FACTS by Reformation 
This is made of viscose. It's a natural fiber and therefore biodegradable, which is super important because petroleum based synthetics like polyester can take over 200 years to decompose. This viscose is woven in a mill free of harmful substances such as heavy metals, dyes and formaldehydes.