$ 42.00

A caring friend to spread the love. Part of our Giving Back Collection, this beautiful cat is a cuddly creature that makes a perfect and sophisticated socially conscious gift. 50% of the proceeds are donated to organizations fighting child labour.

This cat is handmade in Mexico by women in prison using left over fabrics by NYC-based designer Mara Hoffman. Her namesake brand is well known for its responsible approach to fashion using the most sustainable materials, manufacturing methods, community involvement and commitment to educate customers and other brands about the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry. You can know more about this inspiring brand at Mara Hoffman.   

The Giving Back Collection is made out of donated designer fabrics. Our collaborators are socially conscious designers committed to the great cause of ending child exploitation. By repurposing left over fabrics they also reduce landfill waste. This collection is an embodiment of the fashion industry giving back.

Furthermore this collaboration allows to use the smallest pieces of fabric as stuffing thus achieving zero waste during manufacturing.

Each cat have a heart inserted during production so you can feel it to the touch and remind you that with that purchase you are touching someone's heart too. 

Left-over fabric stuffing is compact yet tender to the touch

GREEN FACTS by Mara Hoffman 
REPREVE is a fiber made of 100% recycled plastic, comprised mostly of post-consumer plastic bottles. Compared to using conventional fibers, using REPREVE offset the use of new petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse gasses while conserving water and energy throughout the process.