$ 39.00

A caring friend to spread the love. Part of our CATS OF THE WORLD Collection, this beautiful cat is a cuddly creature that makes a perfect sophisticated and socially conscious gift. Part of the proceeds are donated to organizations fighting child labour.

Each cat has a heart inserted during production so you can feel it to the touch and it reminds you that with that purchase you are touching someone's heart too. 

The Nami (波), or wave pattern was commonly used on armor and banners during the Sengoku Era, as wars resembled moving waves. It was also used in shrines to represent gods of the sea. The Nami pattern represents unity and strength (According to textile connoisseur KirikoMade)

Handmade in Los Angeles. Limited edition  

100% Cotton
Backside 100% Off-white Cotton
Origin of fabric: Japan

Leftover fabrics stuffing is compact yet tender to the touch
Raw Cotton gives a firm touch  
PolyFiber stuffing gives soft an fluffy touch 

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