We Heart: Kailash Satyarthi November 25 2014 5 Comments

We Heart honoring Kailash Satyarthi and his enormous and inspiring work. He is a children's right advocate and an activist against child labour. Kailash Satyarthi has saved tens of thousands of lives.

He founded the Bachpan Bachao Andola (Save the Childhood Movement) and is chairperson of Global March Against Child Labour and was one the main precursors together with the International Labour Organization to create Convention No. 182 on the worst forms of child labour.By ratifying this Convention No. 182, a country commits itself to taking immediate action to prohibit and eliminate the worst forms of child labour. 

His work has been largely awarded during his more than 30 years of dedication to eradicate child exploitation. He recently was one of the recipient of the Peace Nobel Prize. He shared it with Malala Yousafzai, a young brave Pakistani activist for female education and women rights…..we will dedicate a whole post to honor her.